Sloane Cleaning is one of the only London based office cleaners that doesn’t require customers to sign a contract.

Why does Sloane Cleaning offer Contract free office cleaning?
Well, we pride ourselves on the outstanding work that we do. Over nearly forty years we have built up respectful, long term and successful relationships with our clients in offices across London, from Clapham to Camden and Chiswick to Chelsea – we cover the whole of London across all central postcodes from W1, EC1, SW1, N1 and beyond right out to zones five and six.We believe that the value of our cleaning is second to none. Our cleaners are paid fairly for doing a great job and we charge a reasonable rate for our services which can be for as little as £28 per week for a regular cleaning service that we think will knock spots off the competition!We don’t make our customers sign up for any long period or tie them into a contract because we believe in honest and respectful relationships. If you are happy with the service that we provide then we are confident that you will want to keep your Sloane Office Cleaner coming back each week without the need for a contract.All of our cleaners our trained by us and they have to undergo a background check. Our staff usually come via recommendation from our existing staff which helps us maintain a great team of talented cleaners, some of whom have been working with us here at Sloane Cleaning for many years.When we place a cleaner with a customer we will keep that person coming back to the same office week after week so that you can get to know each other and that you’ll be able to ensure that you can tell your Sloane Cleaner exactly how you like things to be done.If you would like to enquire about our dedicated London Office Cleaning then please give our friendly team a call today. We can tell you all about how our services work and give you a quote for a weekly cleaning service that is exactly what we promised – contract free and of a really high quality!For more information, you can request a quote here.