It’s amazing how quickly dust, grime, pollutants and bird mess can accumulate to make your office windows and doors dirty. If your London office is looking a bit grubby, it’s not surprising, considering the amount of pollutants that London produces daily what with all the planes, trains, buses and cars whizzing around, let alone the weather!

Happily, Sloane Cleaning is here to help. As part of our regular London office cleaning services we can pressure wash your entrance ways and doorways to keep away the dust and grime and make sure that your office is sparkling in the summer sunshine!

Our pressure washing service will ensure that dirt and weeds are removed from cracks and crevices around your office and will get rid of unsightly things such as chewing gum and bird mess. Pressure washing is suitable for all your hard exterior surfaces and will help to keep your office looking presentable and smart.

From Wimbledon to Westminster, Westbourne Grove to Walthamstow, we keep offices clean across the capital, carrying out regular weekly cleaning from as little as £28 per week and we can offer all sorts of cleaning services from washrooms to windows and everything in between.

As well as pressure washing and deep cleaning, we can keep your office spick and span each and every week with our friendly, professional cleaners who are fully trained and background checked to ensure that you get a great cleaner who you can form a long term relationship with, so that they know exactly how you like things to be done.

So if you need to get your office looking smarter, cleaner and neater, inside and out every week then call our friendly Kings Road-based team today on 020 7584 6500 or make an enquiry via our website and we will be glad to give you a tailored quote for a weekly cleaning service that will knock spots of the competition!


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