Do you have cost effective, high quality office cleaning in London from only £28 per week?

Do you have cost effective, high quality office cleaning in London from only £28 per week?

Summer is on its way at last… which is lovely but it brings new challenges when it comes to cleaning your London office. Do you need a cost effective cleaner? Mud and rain maybe on the way out, but the drier weather means more dust, crumbs and sunlight.

Spring light will show up any marks, smears or problems with your surfaces from doorways to windows, desks to floors and if your London office cleaning isn’t of a really high quality, sunshine can be pretty unforgiving!

It’s not just windows! In summer, people tend to eat healthier food but this can mean that there is more preparation going on in office kitchens, creating more mess and crumbs. For the comfort of your staff it’s really important that food preparation areas are kept sparkling clean and hygienic each and every day.

At Sloane Cleaning we pride ourselves on our outstanding staff. Our cleaners are recruited by word of mouth from our existing staff and each and every staff member is given extensive training in London Office Cleaning so that our work is really outstanding. All our valued staff are paid the living wage and we always ensure that once you have a cleaner in place that we don’t swap staff out, so that you can develop a relationship with your cleaner and that they understand exactly how you would like your London office to be cleaned.

From doorways to windows, toilets to kitchens, office spaces to meeting rooms, our office cleaners work across London in all postcodes, from Shoreditch to Kensington, Clapham to Camden. We can offer a complete deep clean every week or just a short clean, but our regular cleaning service, whatever you choose, will be of a really high quality and it will keep your London office looking at its best throughout the summer months.

Call our friendly Sloane Cleaning team today on 020 7584 6500 or drop us a line via our contact page. We can help get you the right cleaning for your office from only £28 per week.


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