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Covid 19 Specialist Cleaning & Sanitising Service

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Specialist Covid 19 Office Cleaning & Disinfectant Service

In anticipation of HM Government removing some of the lockdown restrictions to enable office workers to return to work, we fully understand why most people will be perhaps nervous and cautious about re-entering their office premises.

This is why we at Sloane Cleaning Services are offering a range of coronavirus deep cleaning options for your offices to help give you some peace of mind. Using Public Health England guidance, we can offer specialist coronavirus sanitisation for all non-healthcare office premises such as yours.

We can sanitise your office either when you have a confirmed case of COVID 19 at your office or alternatively if you wish to take precautionary measures on a one off or regular basis.

Using powerful Anachem Sanitiser (we can supply a COSHH sheet), and can offer two types of service –

1. Full specialist disinfection of areas and objects that pose a threat of cross contamination, focusing on high frequency touch points including handles, taps, desk tops and cabinets. We also vacuum and mop hard floors and sanitise all surfaces in kitchens and washrooms. This service is carried out by our specialist, fully trained team of sanitisation cleaning operatives.

2. ULV (Ultra Low Volume) fogging sanitisation. This is a process similar to those images we have all seen in places around the world where operatives use a spraying (fogging) process to disinfect areas where there could be coronavirus. For office use, we use a low volume spraying process using ‘Anachem’ virucidal germicide to leave all hard and soft office fixtures and fittings sanitised and virus free. This process will not damage your electronic fittings, desks or furniture.

By using these specialists powerful dry steam hand operated fogging machines, we are able to cover large areas quickly and efficiently without missing any surfaces or the need to wipe afterwards. The sanitiser lands on all surfaces, hard and soft, without causing harm and offers a full covering of disinfectant. The disinfectant we use in our fogging machines will kill 99.99% of a broad range of pathogens.

Our process utilises specially formulated micro emulsion technology that applies an active barrier which can persist and kill coronavirus for up to one week. So long as the barrier is not wiped away, our treatment can provide residual protection between regular cleans.

Please click on the Youtube link below to show our operatives applying our ULV fogging process.


We can supply the above two options either individually or as a combination for a really deep sanitisation. For your ongoing peace of mind, we can supply our ULV fogging process on a regular basis, either weekly or monthly according to your wishes.

As we can cover large areas relatively quickly, ULV fogging is a cost-effective alternative to manual deep sanitisation. The disadvantage is that fogging obviously cannot be as thorough as a manual sanitise. We can discuss this with you if you are interested.

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