Equal Opportunities

Why Our Top Office Cleaners Are Equal To None!

London is a multi-faceted metropolis, and with all manner of local and international business carried out in the capital city each day a successful service company benefits from the resourcefulness, insight, and perspective of a diverse staff.

Can you imagine how Bertie Wooster might have managed without Jeeves’ clever work behind the scenes? It is clear from P G Wodehouse’s novels that without trained, knowledgeable and quality staff such as Jeeves, Bertie’s whole appearance started to slip. In short, just as Jeeves was careful to ensure that Bertie was not to be seen with egg yolk on his lapel, or wearing plus fours of an unforgivable plaid, our quality office cleaners are there to keep your business professionally presentable and appealing for all your clients, staff, and visitors!

Providing top office cleaning services to over 250 city businesses, Sloane Cleaning Services seeks to meet the needs of a wide variety of customers by ensuring quality and good communication in every aspect of our company.

Recruiting, training and developing the best staff will never be possible if you are simply searching for the Jeeves or Mary Poppins stereotype! The best office cleaners exist outside of the world of fiction as a diverse group of people whose aptitudes, commitment to excellence, and proven ability to provide quality cleaning and customer communication help to keep Sloane Cleaning Services at the forefront of London office cleaning.

We never recruit through avenues such as staff wanted advertisements in newspapers or on the internet, neither do we use the Job Centre or employment agencies. Instead, in the first instance many of our recruits have come to us through recommendations of our own trusted staff.

We require the most trustworthy people in our industry, and as an equal opportunities employer we are looking for the best candidates for the job based solely on their merits, qualifications and aptitudes. Equality of staff recruitment, development and promotion ensures that we get the very best people for the job and maintain the transparency of policy and procedure you can always expect from us.

With careful vetting procedures in place we ensure that our office cleaning candidates have, among other necessities, all the appropriate documentation and permissions, a clean CRB/DSB, and are English speakers so as to be able to provide our high standards of customer communication.

If selected for our week long training induction course these new recruits will be trained in office cleaning, which is different in many ways from domestic cleaning and far more suited to a commercial environment. We expect top candidates to be hardworking, honest, reliable, efficient and eager to learn.

Once our new staff have passed our training course, they work under supervision until a time at which we are confident that they are ready to take on their own particular jobs. We are proud to have such a strong team of office cleaners, each bringing valuable skills, perspectives and ideas to the company, and from our team we are certain that we can find just the right cleaner, or cleaners, for your business.

Let our office cleaning company provide your business with some real life London cleaning icons, they’ll take good care of you. Contact our friendly customer service team to discuss your requirements today and we think you’ll be delighted!

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