Pressure Washing Service London

Sometimes the Simplest Cleaning Solution is the Best

Airborne pollutants are present in the atmosphere of any great city, and the heart of London is no exception. Planes, trains and automobiles are all around us and it doesn’t take long for a buildup of fossil fuel residue to coat the city’s buildings with a layer of grime.

Chewing gum, graffiti, spilt food and drink, unauthorised playbills and the evidence of urban pigeon colonies are a fact of London life. Nevertheless, it’s quite understandable that most businesses hardly look their best with smudged exteriors, and air pollution is neither good for buildings nor the people inside them!

In addition to our internal office cleaning services we are pleased to offer pressure washing for your hard exterior surfaces. The process is chemical free and a simple solution of water and pressurised air is usually all it takes to remove the stains of the city and restore your surfaces to a safe and attractive state cost-effectively.

Pressure washing wins the war against dirt and weeds

Pressure washing is an excellent preparation for repainting when it is necessary to remove dirt from all cracks and crevices, likewise it is a safe and efficient alternative to herbicides when mounds of weeds threaten to push through cracked hard-standing in car parks, courtyards, forecourts and play areas.

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