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Make Sure Your Business Takes Pride Of Place In The London Art World!

London is among one of the most important centres of worldwide art, with both international art dealing interests, many of the United Kingdom’s finest art collections, and a variety of independent galleries throughout the city. Home to not only The National Portrait Gallery, but also the Tate Modern, and the Bridgeman Art Library amongst many others, Central London also has a reputation for fine art retail and art galleries of great charm.

Sloane Cleaning Services was founded in 1980, and our top-notch team of office cleaners has operated from our offices on the King’s Road ever since. High standards and excellent communication with our customers are two values that have remained central to our success over the past three decades, and in that time we have established a regular clientele of 250 London businesses, all unique, and all receiving our bespoke cleaning services.

Each art gallery, small independents or massive stone temples of fine art, forms impressions upon its visitors through both the quality and presentation of the art work and the character of the staff and establishment. A high quality cleaning contract can be invaluable in establishing the right environment in which to best display art works.

Art gallery cleaners in London who put the focus on the right places

Messy surroundings, disorganisation and dirt or debris from the street can quickly detract from not only the power of the art, but also the experience of the viewer. A poor or uncomfortable experience, as in any retail environment is less likely to lead to sales and repeat custom, so maintaining uncluttered and clean premises allows you to concentrate entirely on your business and your valued customers.

Naturally, art gallery glazing is at its best when completely transparent, and we can arrange for our commercial window cleaning service to keep your exterior displays unfettered by grime on the glass on a weekly or monthly basis; as much or little as you require. Our window cleaners work with an excellent safety record and are capable of cleaning the glass of even the oddest and most unusual buildings in Central London. If your gallery is located in a modern architectural wonder or a magnificent stone built structure of a bygone era, we are the window cleaning team for you!

The parquet and marquetry floors of London’s grandest galleries, as well as the polished concretes of their modern counterparts, are all within the remit of our Hard Floor Cleaning & Polishing Service. Concrete, stone & hardwoods of all varieties require very specific cleaning solutions and equipment. The Hard Floor Cleaners from Sloane Cleaning Services employ the best equipment and most efficient techniques for each surface, and our knowledgeable staff arrive on each job armed with a wealth of experience in speciality cleaning.

Sloane Cleaning Services train and employ only the best office cleaners in London, and our trusted staff carry out a wide range of cleaning services to best suit our many customers. If your art gallery seeks the finest cleaning services available in Central London, contact us today. We would be delighted to show you how cleaning, when raised to a high art, can benefit any gallery in the competitive capital city!

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