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Office cleaning in EC1 – serving Clerkenwell, Shoreditch, Barbican, and Finsbury

Office Cleaners WC2 Strand

Combining excellence in sectors such as education and entertainment, The Strand area of Central London is one of the capital’s busiest districts, requiring the consistent excellence and convenience afforded by Sloane Cleaning Services.

Businesses serving an international clientele and localised retailers alike will find cost-effective office cleaning services to fit any budget and any size of premises. Our 30 day rolling agreements cover the aspects of cleaning you require through the choice and use of our comprehensive range of cleaning services, and with supervisors on hand to speak with you at any time you only need contact us to make a change or add a deep clean service.

Carefully vetted cleaning staff are all trained in house and trusted to deliver our high standards to the companies and institutions of London WC2. Our office cleaning service is suitable for almost any business environment and can be as efficiently applied to educational establishments, theatres and art galleries as well as traditional commercial office blocks.

The Strand is a prime destination for tourists and sightseers, bringing visitors to WC2 in their thousands each week to take in Trafalgar Square, world renowned art galleries, museums and theatres. Coffee shops, restaurants, pubs, and bars run in high competition, and Sloane Cleaning Services can offer options that will keep your business’ appearance appealing both outside and in.

With our Pressure Washing Service your street frontage, signage, and valuable parking areas can be refreshed and maintained safely and swiftly, removing grime, chewing gum, graffiti, and debris with usually no more than a powerful jet of London water. Our experience Commercial Window Cleaners proudly operate on all levels of WC2, from the high stories to the old fashioned basements, with a stellar safety record and all the equipment necessary to ensure your windows are sparkling.

Sloane Cleaning Services also operates Commercial Waste Disposal & Confidential Shredding and Recycling Services, fully licensed, convenient, and ready to fit seamlessly into your company’s working week. Similarly, we offer the utmost in convenience for WC2 hotels and catering establishments with our Commercial Laundry Service, representing the same quality, reliability and cost-effectiveness of all the cleaning services we provide to our fellow London businesses.

For the finest cleaning service in WC2, contact our friendly customer service team today, we would be delighted to meet your cleaning requirements and we think you will be equally happy with our top-notch services and pricing.